What does each error and each result mean?

  • I would like to know and I know that many also what some error codes mean.

    I put these examples:
    Error Code: 0xC004C008 phone activation.
    Error Code: 0xC004C060 has expired.

    But what do these mean?

    if I check it here it gives me this error:

    Key: RC2MV-NWWDR-RPTF2-9K622-DDBP6
    Description: Win 10 RTM Professional Retail
    Error code: ..is activated with a product key
    Time: 2/6/2021 12:11:38 AM (GMT+7)

    but if I check it here it gives me this:


    and others say: Online Key

    Can someone please help with that question?

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