• I have tried to activate different keys that are on this page including the most recent
    login to the website: s e t u p . o f f i c e . c o x
    entered the key and download the installer
    and when I did the activation by phone it does not work
    and I have some doubts, what difference does it have for example "Office16_ProPlusVL_MAK" AND "Office16_ProPlusMSDNR_Retail "
    what is the "error code" used for? and "Sub Type", "Activation Count"

    I hope you can guide me, greetings brothers

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    Let me see see.
    How are you?

  • @keith fine and you? I like this website

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    Hi enri,

    I think you would like to try this fantastic activate tool (激活助手) from AiHao.Cc, I will show you a download link here :https://wws.lanzous.com/iOvaDkeynef

    Well, firstly, you'd better download office installer package like *.iso file, which could be easily found at some website, if it's not friendly enough for you, no worry, here is a very useful ISO download tool for you , you can download it from here:https://www.heidoc.net/joomla/technology-science/microsoft/67-microsoft-windows-and-office-iso-download-tool.

    Generally speaking, you will download a retail version, no worry, just follow steps below.

    After you download your installer package and install it, then you have to open the activate tool, which will list your current products (include your windows and office) , check the screenshot below ![alt text](image url). you can easily change your retail office version to a Volume MAK version, it's simple to handle, you just need right click the office product you just installed, and select "转换版本", and then select "安装批量版(VOL)证书", follow the screenshot:![alt text](image url)

    then right click select refresh, you will see the VL version, right click this VL version select "密钥激活",and then select "安装密钥" ,will popup a input window. then copy a key from a post of jike.info webpage, and paste it here, it will automatically active your product.

    If you have any question, just feel free and post it here, you will enjoy the end.


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