• GoGetSSL™ is not just a store where you can get cheap SSL certificates from the leading certificate authorities. It is a young brand of digital certificates powered as to a strategic partner by Sectigo CA. We offer all type of certificates including single domain, wildcard SSL, multi-domain (SAN) and Code Signing certificates.

    Certificates issued by our brand are trusted by 99.6% desktop browsers and mobile devices. Every SSL comes with free unlimited reissues, free server licensing and ECC/RSA encryption algorithm. You can request a full guaranteed refund within 30-days of your order date.

    Get Your Free SSL Here

    • Express 5 min issuance
    • list itemNo Paperwork
    • www and non-www
    • Free Static SiteSeal
    • Mobile Friendly
    • Free unlimited server licensing
    • Free Reissues
    • 50,000$ Warranty
    • Validation methods : Email / HTTP Hash / DNS CNAME
    • Available hash algorithm : RSA and ECC

    SSL Certificate description

    Looking for SSL certificate for free? Get our domain validation SSL with a simple renewal process every 90 days. It is the highest strength certificate from a trusted certificate authority. You can use our automated API to renew, revalidate and install issued certificate automatically. Each Free SSL comes with a green lock for the address bar, available in all browsers an mobile devices. You can use it as long as you want with a quick renewal process every 90-days.

    GoGetSSL certificates come with complete support of both SHA-256 and ECC algorithms. We offer SSL for one year too, check Domain Validation SSL certificates for just 39$ per year if you have no wish to renew free SSL constantly. Please note, Free SSL provides exactly the same features as the paid option.

    Static Site Seal. Show the website is secured

    GoGetSSL™ Seal
    Static Site Seal. Show the website is secured

    Free SSL comes with free site seal logo that you can show to all your website visitors. That is an instant signal to everyone that you care about protection against hackers and phishing attacks. Site seal image comes in PNG and SVG formats on transparent background. More trust in your services and brand means higher sales volume and conversions. Check an example of site seal by our Free SSL.

    Domain Validation SSL

    Individuals and Private customers, Organizations, Businesses or Government entities, it does not matter as anyone can get a Free SSL certificate from us. No paperwork requires. Pass domain ownership verification via one of the available validation methods such as E-mail, DNS CNAME or HTTP hash file. Highest Strength SSL ( arrives quickly and ready to protect your web server.

    Google SEO Booster

    Great news for all website owners! Now every site with a valid SSL certificate gains a higher ranking in the Google search engine comparing to those who do not have SSL installed. We believe Extended and Business Validation certificates get more top rankings. However, that are minor changes in Google algorithm.

    Compatible devices

    Every certificate authority (Brand) has its own certificate compatibility with browsers, mobile devices, and web server platforms. Free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) comes with 99.6% support of all known devices. Intermediate CA certificate installation requires to get the highest compatibility results. Take a minute to check supported devices. Starting at April 2019 Sectigo Adds ACME Protocol Support in Certificate Manager Platform.

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    GoGetSSL证书完全支持SHA-256和ECC算法。我们也提供SSL一年服务,如果您不希望不断更新免费SSL,则每年只需39美元即可检查域验证 SSL证书。请注意,免费SSL提供与付费选项完全相同的功能。

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    有试过的吗?申请了一张cert,状态已经activele。但是找不到下载cert的地方(按钮)。。。 无语。。。

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